Gone & Good Riddance

plane take offYou left again.

Walked out the door, leaving your wife and child behind in tears.

I know you won’t be coming back this time.

I want it this way.

In this moment, I truly never want to see you again.

I know it’s not my fault. I do know this.

After all, no one tried harder than me to fix what was broken.

If nothing else, that’s something you can’t take from me.

Everyone knows how hard I tried.

The same cannot be said for you.

I know all this, yet I am still ashamed.

You couldn’t love me for who I am, because who I am is too much for you.

So you walked away.

Before you left, you tried to make me small so you could feel big.

I let you.

Until I just couldn’t lose myself in you anymore.

Who am I without you?

Whoever I want to be, no longer encumbered by the depths of you.

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