Father’s Day Lessons


For Father’s Day, I helped my son pick out a card (he wanted the one with a cut-out airplane gliding across the front). I also took him to the store to pick out a little gift for his Dad. I explained that we had a budget he had to stay within, and that we could only buy one thing, but otherwise, it was completely up to him to select what he wanted for his Dad.

When we got home, I cut the wrapping paper that he picked and handed him each piece of tape so he could wrap the gift himself. I spelled out the words for him that he wanted to write on the card. He was so stinkin’ proud of his work, he just knew his Dad was going to love it.

A few weeks before Father’s Day, I started talking with my son about what the day means and why we celebrate our fathers. I asked him to think about 5 nice things he could say that would make his Dad smile, then we recited them together.

The day before Father’s Day, I asked him to add one thing to the list that he could do for his Dad. He picked “give him the strongest hug in the world.” He also asked to buy his Dad’s favorite cookies at the grocery store, and a special one that had “Awesome Dad” scrawled across the front in blue icing. So we did.

I helped him pack the goodies into his “Going to Daddy’s house” bag. He beamed with pride, he was soooooo excited to show his Daddy.

As I sent him out the door that day, I reminded him of the nice things he thought of to say and how much Daddy loves his hugs, and I sent him on his way, bag in hand.

I stood back and watched from the window as he had his Dad unpack the bag in my driveway. He just couldn’t wait another second!

His father and I don’t talk, we don’t really even look at each other anymore. Honestly, I hate him. But I love our son, and watching him really understand the meaning behind this special day and feeling proud of himself for coming up with such thoughtful ways to show his appreciation for his Dad, well, it’s worth it.



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