New York State, Kid in Tow?


Spring Break is almost here, and I have no plan. It’s so unlike me!

I’ve been focused on other things, like sorting out my finances and getting the summer schedule in order. I reserved summer camp spots and placed deposits for that. I got my follow-up MRIs and CTs done — got the “all clear” as they say!

I filed my taxes. Like before the IRS even started processing them. Which is awesome, because I also already have my return deposited into my bank account, which I knew would help me mentally prepare for Spring Break travel expenses.

The thing is, once I saw how summer would unravel (family time at the lake), and Thanksgiving (also at the lake), and Christmas (home to Florida), and the fact that I won’t have my son next Spring Break, the pressure started building. I feel like we have to do something super cool and different, something adventurous (within reason for a single Mom and 7-year-old, of course).

I considered flying us out to Colorado, but the flights aren’t cheap. I scoured the internet for all inclusive travel deals, anything tropical and family friendly – nothing during the Easter time frame.

And as much as I would love, love, love to do a road trip to Montreal since my little guy just finished his school project on our Canadian heritage (eh?!), I started re-thinking that too, as it’s just too ambitious for a solo driver and one little boy who would be bored and driving me bonkers in the car for most of it. The boyfriend saying he probably can’t join us (work, you know) didn’t help either. So that one’s out the window (Montreal as a travel destination, not the boyfriend).

Which leaves me thinking…. New York State. We could probably manage that if I map out a decent route and find enough kid-friendly activities to do, as well as indoor options since it could be a rainy March/April. Most of the resources I’ve come across though are what to do in the Big City with kids, but I’m on the hunt for more active things to do and fun stuff to see in New York State instead.

Maybe we’ll start in the city with a show, but then, I want to get out and see more than that – the lakes, the mountains, wild life, hikes.

What do you recommend in New York for traveling with kids in tow? The Finger Lakes area? Catskills? What resources do you use for booking travel and places to stay? What do your kids love to do? Where’s the best place to tap some maple syrup?

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