Waking up next to you


Men and women, we’re blissfully different in our approaches to life and love, which is so perfectly exhibited by the morning wake up call…

Birds are chirping as the sun gently rises outside the bedroom window.

Hot morning breath whispers in her ear, trying to rouse her from sleep/rob her of that last glorious ten minutes of shut eye before the alarm starts blaring.

He snuggles closer to her, wraps his body around hers/morning wood jams into her spine, as if saying, “WAKE UP! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!”

She burrows deeper into the soft, warm bed covers /that are suddenly being pushed aside in pursuit. She shivers. He starts laying wet throaty kisses.

Is that the smell of coffee?! She jumps out of bed and makes a run for it.

Whose turn is it to pack the kids’ lunches?

One dreams of putting out his morning fire, the other of sweet froth in her morning latte.

To be continued…. tomorrow morning, no doubt….


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