Brain Scan-iety


If you had told me 5 years ago that I wouldn’t be super stressed about a brain scan, I wouldn’t believe you.

But it’s true. I’ve stopped counting, I’ve stopped tracking every single scan, every protocol I need to be following, and I’ve just been maintaining the bare minimum. I’m giving the least amount of time and mental energy for what I need to do to maintain my tumors, that’s it. And it feels so good 🙂

So when my brain scan results came back this week showing that the tumor that was treated had shrunk even more (only a tiny bit, but hey, that’s still amazing), I was elated. I already assumed that it had shrunk, mostly because the symptoms I was having from that tumor had lessened. What a blessing!

Hair Loss, and More


I went to you in tears

Soaking wet from my shower,

wrapped up in a towel

Seeking comfort

Another clump of hair had fallen out

Despite the fact that I knew to anticipate the hair loss, that I knew it wouldn’t all fall out, that I knew it would grow back, despite all that, it still brought me to tears

So I went to you for comfort, for reassurance

You turned to me with an empty stare

I wrapped my arms around you anyways

But there was no comfort to be found

Because you weren’t really there

Shedding you was the best thing I never knew I needed

And the hair grew back eventually

Beautifully so