Coup de Foudre

green plant







So lonely

My heart aches

A void to fill

An empty space

Wanting, yearning

Oh so much

For this to be more

Than just lust

So lonely

Everything feels so far away

I don’t want one more day to be wasted feeling this way

I say, I think, I don’t need rescuing

But what I really mean is

Be right, be real, be meant for me

And please, come rescue me

Disillusioned with Love

dissapearingcitygirlWhat is love, he asks

If it as pure and true

As she proclaims

Then how can it disappear

In a matter of days



He’s left to wonder

The other wanders

Further, further

She puts distance between them

An effort to protect her heart

Not quite knowing

No longer trusting

Doubting what is good and true

She reflects


There’s comfort there

In this space

She’s come to know so well

And so she stays

Inside her shell

For now

Not Settling

mouthSeeking connection

Hoping for a spark

Waiting for that feeling

That when it’s right

You just know

Wanting to be kissed

In that way

To feel

The way he made me feel

To have those emotions

Wash over me

Consume me

Feel so real

And raw

Then turn them into ever lasting

Maybe life has happened in this order

On purpose

Maybe I am supposed to keep seeking

What I try to find

Because if I never knew

It was out there to begin with

I would settle

Once you know though, you know

There’s no going back from there

“Timing, That’s Often It”

stepsI met someone.

Tall and handsome, he charmed me right into saying yes to a date.

The moment our eyes locked when we sat down together on our first date, I could feel the chemistry between us.

We talked for hours and with each story we exchanged, we grew closer.

We left the bar and went for a walk. He offered me his jacket.

We stopped at a grand marble staircase.

“Would you like to sit?” he asks.


So we sit. And not much time passes before he kisses me.

He kisses me and my breath falls away.

I am so absorbed in the sweetness of his kiss that I literally have to stop.

I press my hand to his chest, gently, and pull back to look into his eyes and I breathe again.

I lean in for another.

He touches my face, my neck, I can feel him breathe in my scent, his tongue is doing this thing, and it’s amazing.

It’s as though his kisses have overwhelmed my senses and none of it adds up.

How could a first kiss feel like that? So powerful, so intense.

It feels like my entire universe lights on fire, like the earth beneath us has shifted and in this moment absolutely nothing makes sense, yet everything makes sense, and it doesn’t matter.

I wasn’t expecting this.

I wasn’t expecting him.

Had he not kissed me, I probably would have left our first date happy, content, looking forward to another.

But this?

The sheer timing of it has left me questioning everything.